Enter the Jackpot Draw

The draw runs April to March each year.  You must be 16 or over to enter.

You can join at any time, speak to the treasurer for more information.

St Peter’s Monthly Jackpot Draw 

Ticket renewals for 2023/24 are now due.

Tickets are again, only £12 for the year.

Methods of payment, cash or cheque

(made payable to ‘PCC of Holsworthy Parish Church’)

delivered to the Hon Treasurer at Lyndhurst, North Road EX22 6HB

or by direct bank transfer –

sort code 53-50-52,

account 05007216

(please use name and/or ticket numbers as reference).

If none of these suit then I would be happy to collect from you,

just contact me on Holsworthy (01409) 253868.

Renewals should be made by 19th April.

You can have a many tickets as you like,

so if you would like more, please let me know. 

The more tickets that are in the draw, the higher the prizes will be.

How much to pay (needs to arrive by the 15th of each month);
For the April draw it is for the year and is £12 
For the May draw it is for 11 months and is £11
For the June draw it is for 10 months and is £10
For the July draw it is for 9 months and is £9
For the August draw it is for 8 months and is £8
For the September draw it is for 7 months and is £7
For the October draw it is for 6 months and is £6
For the November draw it is for 5 months and is £5
For the December draw it is for 4 months and is £4
For the January draw it is for 3 months and is £3
For the February draw it is for 2 months and is £2
For the March draw it is for 1 month and is £1

Jackpot Draw Winners

Winners of the Jackpot Draw

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