St Peter's Fair - Pretty Maid

2018 St Peter's Fair Day: Wednesday 11th July

The waiting is over

Pretty Maid 2018 - Miss Lizzy Flaherty

Lizzy Flaherty

Photo: Dawn Bewes


Front Row,

Trustee of the Pretty Maid charity - Angela Blackman, Pretty Maid - Lizzy Flaherty, Portreeve - Robert Painter

Photo: Dawn Bewes


Pretty Maid 2017 - Miss Alice Banks

Alice Banks

Photo: Dawn Bewes


Trustee of the Pretty Maid charity, Angela Blackman, reads the citatation to the crowd gathered opposite the bell tower.

Photo: Dawn Bewes


Alice Banks with Betty Oke who was Holsworthy’s Pretty Maid in 1947

Photo:  Dawn Bewes


Alice Banks with trustee of the Pretty Maid charity, Angela Blackman

Photo:  Dawn Bewes


Alice declares the fair "OPEN" and takes a thrilling ride with the Portreeve, John Addicott, and The Rev,d Jane Lucas

Photo:  Dawn Bewes


Pretty Maid 2016 - Outside of the bell tower on

Wednesday July 6th -  Just after 12 noon

Photo By Mary Beckford



St Peter's Fair 2017 - Wednesday July 5th

How is the date of St Peter's Fair Day determined?

The Charter of many moons ago dictates it is calculated as being the first Wednesday after the first Friday in July.

In 2017 that would have resulted in St Peter’s Fair being on Wednesday July 12thHOWEVER, we do seem to run in tandem with Kingsbridge Fair day and every 15 or so years there is a clash which means we have to come forward by a week. 

2017 happens to be that year.

So in 2017 it was Wednesday July 5th as an exception.

The Pretty Maids' Charity

The Pretty Maid's Charity was contained in the Will of a Revd Thomas Merryck of Carta Martha, near Launceston, who died 27th May 1841. He was the brother of the Revd Owen Merryck one time Rector of Holsworthy. 
Under the terms of the Will, the income from a legacy is to be paid annually "to the young single woman resident in Holsworthy under 30 years of age who is generally esteemed by the young as:
 The most deserving
. The most handsome
. The most noted for her quietness and attendance at church."