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Holsworthy Benefice
December 2017

Friday 1st December 2017 11:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Said Communion
11:45amBenefice Advent Course
Sunday 3rd December 2017 Advent 1
10:00amHolsworthy - Benefice Said Holy Communion
11:00amThornbury - Deanery Confirmation Service
3:00pmHollacombe, Evensong
4:30pmPyworthy, Christingle Service
Monday 4th December 2017 3:15pmMessy Church at Holsworthy Primary SchoolMessy Church is in Primary school Hall on Mon 4th Dec, Children, parents,grandparents all welcome to join in Christmas crafts.
Wednesday 6th December 2017 9:30amHolsworthy Church Coffee Morning in the Memorial HallCoffee, Tea Biscuits. Cake Stall, Tombola etc.
2:30pmOpen The Book @ Holsworthy Primary School
Friday 8th December 2017 11:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Said Communion
11:45amBenefice Advent Course
Sunday 10th December 2017 Advent 2
9:00amPyworthy, Said Holy Communion
10:00amHolsworthy, Sung Holy Communion
11:15amBridgerule, Christingle
6:00pmHolsworthy Town Carol ServiceCome to Holsworthy Parish Church for Nine Lessons with Carols.
Collection to be shared between Holsworthy Church and Holsworthy Town Band
Monday 11th December 2017 3:00pmCarols for Deer Park
Tuesday 12th December 2017 3:00pmCarols for Bodmeyrick
Friday 15th December 2017 9:30amChristingle Service for Holsworthy Primary School (TBC)Date to be confirmed
10:00amButterfly Club at the Long HouseA chance for the bereaved to meet at the Long House
11:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Said Communion
11:45amBenefice Advent Course
7:30pmPyworthy, Christmas Concert
Sunday 17th December 2017 Advent 3
9:00amHollacombe, Sung Holy Communion (SW)
9:30amPyworthy, Morning Prayer (LT)
10:00amHolsworthy, Sung Holy Communion
7:00pmBridgerule, Chapel & Church Carol Service
Friday 22nd December 2017 11:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Said Communion
11:45amBenefice Advent Course
Sunday 24th December 2017 Advent 4 - Christmas Eve
10:00amHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion
11:00amPyworthy, Crib ServiceEspecially great for children
11:15amPancrasweek, Holy Communion with Carols
3:00pmBridgerule, Crib ServiceEspecially great for children.
4:00pmCarols Round The Tree in Holsworthy SquareCome and sing Christmas Carols with us
11:15pmPyworthy, Midnight Mass
11:30pmHolsworthy, Midnight Mass
Monday 25th December 2017 Christmas Day
9:00amHollacombe, Holy Communion with Carols
10:00amHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion with carols (DA)
10:00amBridgerule, Holy Communion with CarolsIncluding show and tell a Christmas present.
Especially great for children.
11:30amPancrasweek, Sung Holy Communion
Tuesday 26th December 2017 St Stephen
11:00amHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion
Wednesday 27th December 2017 St John the Evangelist
11:00amHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion
Thursday 28th December 2017 Holy Innocents
3:00pmHollacombe, Carol Service
7:00pmHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion
Friday 29th December 2017 11:00amHolsworthy, Said Communion,Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Cant
Sunday 31st December 2017 Christmas 1 - New Years Eve
10:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Holy Communion with carols + refresmentLight refreshments will follow this service