Youthworker Ruth Jones  

  • One of the things that I really love about this job and the project, is the willingness to donate half of my time to Holsworthy Community College.


  • The purpose of my time at the college is to build relationships with the young people as the college forms a hub for most of the young people in and around Holsworthy.


  • I spend most of my time in lessons, acting as a TA supporting small groups of pupils. I am also working across the subjects so am seeing pupils in different settings which also helps with the relationship building.


  • I also have the privilege to be a Christian voice in the year 10 GCSE Religious Education lessons, both by teaching from the front and having discussions with the pupils about the Christian view point(s) of the topic we are looking at.


  • Another part of my role involves taking the occasional assembly and despite the short notice, I was able to take an Easter Assembly for each of the 4 houses at the school. Through this, I was able to share about the significance of Easter and the hope that it gives Christians.


  • When not in school, I am looking at how I can get involved in the community and how I can provide support to the churches in the Benefice and Methodist circuit. It has been a pleasure and a joy to spend my Sunday mornings visiting different churches in the area, introducing myself informally and joining in with the worship.