Pancrasweek, BENEFICE Plough Sunday service
14th January 2018
Plough Sunday

This event should take place on the Sunday before Plough Monday which in 2018 is on Monday 8th January. Unfortunately this did not fit our timings for Benefice services.

Plough Sunday, the Sunday after the feast of Epiphany or “Twelfth Night” marked the end of the mid-winter Christmas festivities. The twelve days of partying and celebrations finished. Plough Monday was back to work. But before work started, the plough (often a communal one for the whole village) was brought to church to pray for a blessing on it and the work it would do. After the service it was taken (often with dancing) round the village and villagers were invited to make contributions to the cost of its upkeep and the upkeep of the Church that had blessed it.

In medieval times some ploughs were kept in the parish church, and some churches kept a ‘plough-light’. In days when work was scarce in winter, the observance of Plough Sunday looked forward to the time of sowing with the promise of a harvest to come. It has been reintroduced in some parishes as a focus for asking a blessing on human labour near the start of the calendar year.

Bring your ploughs, tractors, and any other farm equipment for a blessing.


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