Please check this website, Sunday sheets and notice boards just in case there are any changes to the usual routine.
We are very grateful to everyone helping us during the Vacancy especially to Rev'd Stuart Wilson (SW), Rev'd Douglas Adams (DA), Rev'd Richard Freeman (RF), Rev'd Jane Lucas, (JL), Rev'd Kathy Roberts (KR), Rev'd Penny Raynham (PR), Rev'd Richard Ward-Smith RWS), Rev'd Christopher Scott (CS), Rev'd Tim Newcombe (TN) and Readers Mary Aichler(MA) and Jim Williams (JW).
Members of the Lay Team (LT)
Rev. Jane Lucas (JL)

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August 2017

Sunday 6th August 2017  Feast of the Transfiguration
9:30amPyworthy, Family Service (LT)
10:00amHolsworthy, Holy Communion and Baptism (SW)
11:15amBridgerule, Holy Communion (MA)
3:00pmHollacombe, Evensong (SW)
Saturday 12th August 2017 0:00amPyworthy, Wedding Blessing (RF)
Sunday 13th August 2017  Trinity 9
9:00amPyworthy, Holy Communion (DA)
10:00amHolsworthy, Holy Communion (DA)
11:15amBridgerule, Morning Prayer (MA)
Saturday 19th August 2017 2:30pmHolsworthy, Wedding (JL)
Sunday 20th August 2017  Trinity 10
9:00amHollacombe, Holy Communion (SW)
9:30amPyworthy, morning Prayer (MA)
10:00amHolsworthy, Holy Communion (JW)
11:15amBridgerule, Holy Communion (SW)
Saturday 26th August 2017 2:00pmHolsworthy, Renewal of Vows (JL)
Sunday 27th August 2017  Trinity 11
9:30amPyworthy, Holy Communion (DA)
10:00amHolsworthy, Morning Prayer (MA)
11:15amBridgerule, Morning Prayer (LT)
11:15amPancrasweek, Holy Communion (DA)
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