Benefice Calendar

Please check this website, Sunday sheets and notice boards just in case there are any changes to the usual routine.

Most services are led by the Benefice Priest in Charge, Mother Elizabeth Burke. (EMAB)
Some services will be led by the following:
Members of the Lay Worship Team (LWT)
Reader Mary Aichler (MA)
Rev Stuart Wilson (SW)
Rev Douglas Adams (DA)
Rev Jane Lucas (JL)

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December 2017

Friday 1st December 2017 11:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Said Communion
11:45amBenefice Advent Course
Sunday 3rd December 2017  Advent 1
10:00amHolsworthy - Benefice Said Holy Communion
11:00amThornbury - Deanery Confirmation Service
3:00pmHollacombe, Evensong
4:30pmPyworthy, Christingle Service
Monday 4th December 2017 3:15pmMessy Church at Holsworthy Primary School
Messy Church is in Primary school Hall on Mon 4th Dec, Children, parents,grandparents all welcome to join in Christmas crafts.
Wednesday 6th December 2017 9:30amHolsworthy Church Coffee Morning in the Memorial Hall
Coffee, Tea Biscuits. Cake Stall, Tombola etc.
2:30pmOpen The Book @ Holsworthy Primary School
Friday 8th December 2017 11:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Said Communion
11:45amBenefice Advent Course
Sunday 10th December 2017  Advent 2
9:00amPyworthy, Said Holy Communion
10:00amHolsworthy, Sung Holy Communion
11:15amBridgerule, Christingle
6:00pmHolsworthy Town Carol Service
Come to Holsworthy Parish Church for Nine Lessons with Carols.
Collection to be shared between Holsworthy Church and Holsworthy Town Band
Monday 11th December 2017 3:00pmCarols for Deer Park
Tuesday 12th December 2017 3:00pmCarols for Bodmeyrick
Friday 15th December 2017 9:30amChristingle Service for Holsworthy Primary School (TBC)
Date to be confirmed
10:00amButterfly Club at the Long House
A chance for the bereaved to meet at the Long House
11:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Said Communion
11:45amBenefice Advent Course
7:30pmPyworthy, Christmas Concert
Sunday 17th December 2017  Advent 3
9:00amHollacombe, Sung Holy Communion (SW)
9:30amPyworthy, Morning Prayer (LT)
10:00amHolsworthy, Sung Holy Communion
7:00pmBridgerule, Chapel & Church Carol Service
Friday 22nd December 2017 11:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Said Communion
11:45amBenefice Advent Course
Sunday 24th December 2017  Advent 4 - Christmas Eve
10:00amHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion
11:00amPyworthy, Crib Service
Especially great for children
11:15amPancrasweek, Holy Communion with Carols
3:00pmBridgerule, Crib Service
Especially great for children.
4:00pmCarols Round The Tree in Holsworthy Square
Come and sing Christmas Carols with us
11:15pmPyworthy, Midnight Mass
11:30pmHolsworthy, Midnight Mass
Monday 25th December 2017  Christmas Day
9:00amHollacombe, Holy Communion with Carols
10:00amHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion with carols (DA)
10:00amBridgerule, Holy Communion with Carols
Including show and tell a Christmas present.
Especially great for children.
11:30amPancrasweek, Sung Holy Communion
Tuesday 26th December 2017  St Stephen
11:00amHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion
Wednesday 27th December 2017  St John the Evangelist
11:00amHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion
Thursday 28th December 2017  Holy Innocents
3:00pmHollacombe, Carol Service
7:00pmHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion
Friday 29th December 2017 11:00amHolsworthy, Said Communion,Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Cant
Sunday 31st December 2017  Christmas 1 - New Years Eve
10:00amHolsworthy, Benefice Holy Communion with carols + refresment
Light refreshments will follow this service
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