Benefice Calendar

January 2018

Monday 1st January 2018 The Naming and Circumcission of Christ - New Years Day
11:00amHolsworthy, Ecumenical Said HC with carols
12:00pmHolsworthy - Bring and Share Lunch
Tuesday 2nd January 201812:00pmHolsworthy, Funeral of the late Phyllis Skinner
2:30pmDeer Park Nursing Home, Holy Communion
3:30pmBodmeyrick Nursing Home, Holy Communion
Friday 5th January 201811:00amHolsworthy, Said Holy Communion
11:30amHolsworthy, Café for all
Saturday 6th January 2018 Epiphany
4:00pmHolsworthy, Messy Eccumenical Benefice Holy Commun
Sunday 7th January 2018 Baptism of Christ Epiphany 1
9:30amHolsworthy, Holy Communion
11:15amBridgerule, Family Holy Communion
11:15amPyworthy, Family Service (LT)
3:00pmHollacombe, Evensong
Friday 12th January 201811:00amHolsworthy - Said Holy Communion (EMAB)
11:30amHolsworthy PCC
Sunday 14th January 2018 Epiphany 2
9:30amHolsworthy, Sung Holy Communion
11:15amPyworthy, Holy Communion
3:00pmPancrasweek, BENEFICE Plough Sunday service
Friday 19th January 201811:00amHolsworthy - Said Holy Communion (DA)
Sunday 21st January 2018 Epiphany 3
9:30amHolsworthy, Holy Communion
9:30amHollacombe, Holy Communion
11:15amBridgerule, Holy Communion
11:15amPyworthy Morning Service (LT)
Friday 26th January 201811:00amHolsworthy - Said Holy Communion (EMAB)
Sunday 28th January 2018 Epiphany 4
9:30amHolsworthy, Morning Prayer
9:30amPancrasweek, Holy Communion
11:15amBridgerule, Family Service
11:15amPyworthy, Family Holy Communion
6:00pmHolsworthy, Meditative Eucharist with Laying on of hands & a